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  1. My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Costa Rica – love it! One of the highlights was while we were in Tortuguero we booked a couple tours with Tuanis. Bernard took us on a canoe trip through the canals in the National Park which also gave us access to the park trail from town – well worth it (added bonus a small breakfast of fruit, coffee and cookies included). The trip was fantastic, he told us so much about the area as well as information on basically every animal, bird, reptile we saw. There were many other tours going on around us who’s guides were not near as informative, from what we could tell. We also took the night tour with the other Bernie, who was simply amazing in the jungle with only a flashlight. He was able to find so many things for us to see and take pictures of. He was so helpful to many of the other guides as well. I totally recommend Tuanis and would book with them again!

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