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Sea turtle tour

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Discover the more than 400 species of birds of Tortuguero
Live the experience by booking the canal tour.
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Costa Rica
Welcome to the land of turtles and wetlands. A place of approximately only 1500 inhabitants.
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Canal tour

On this tour, you will leave all your worries aside and relax and enjoy the vastness of a very humid tropical forest in Costa Rica.

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Day walk

To close your experience with a flourish, after the canal tour, the best is by doing a guided walk along the walking trail "El Gavilán."

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Night walks

Would you like to know what happens at night in one of the most exciting and essential ecosystems in Costa Rica? A night in our tropical forest awaits you!

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Turtle tour

More than a tour, it is a life experience that will remain engraved in your memory. If you have the opportunity, it is something you must-do if you visit Tortuguero between July and October.

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Tortuguero is located in the northern Caribbean of Costa Rica; The village is a strip of land surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east; the Tortuguero lagoon to the west.

There are only two ways to get to the village —by water and by air. Tortuguero is a small community of approximately 1,500 inhabitants. The community develops thanks to the tourism that visits the area, which is our main activity...

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