Night walks

Caminata nocturna tortuguero

Night Walk

Do you want to discover what happens at night in one of the most interesting and important ecosystems in Costa Rica? The nocturnal humid tropical forest awaits you!

A guide with experience in night walks, will take you to live two hours of mystery and suspense with what we can find on this night tour.

Hours: 6:00 pm

Duration: 2 hrs approx.

Tour Includes:

  • Local guide
  • Naturalist.
  • Transport by boat to the entrance of the trail.

What should I bring?

It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes (preferably long pants), mosquito repellent, camera (no flash), closed shoes or rubber boots and rain coat.

Tour price

Foreigners: $30 p.p

Family price

We have special prices for small groups and families.


Tour description:

Our tour starts in our office, located 50 meters south of Tortuguero main wharf. After a cordial welcome and check-in, then we will board the boat that will take us to the entrance of the trail (8 min by boat). We will disembark, and after the guide's instructions, we will begin to discover the nightlife of the forest. There are 2.5 kilometers of travel.

During the tour and if nature permits, we will have the opportunity to go in search of the colorful red-eyed frog, armadillos, bats, snakes, insects and all that nature allows us to show. At each stop, the guide will share with you all his knowledge, as well as some curious facts. In addition, you can take pictures of some of the species found (always while not using flash and respect the distance indicated by the guide) this is so as not to disturb its natural habitat.

At the end of the tour, the guide will take you to the hotel where you are staying (as long as it is located in the town), will say goodbye to you and end the activity.

Important aspects to take into account:

The nocturnal walks will be suspended during the green turtle spawning season (July - October).

It is recommended to dine or have a snack before the tour as the activity will be ending at 9:00 p.m. and at that time most restaurants and sodas will be closed.

It is very important to get enough repellent, since mosquitoes are more active at night.

You can carry a small backpack with a raincoat, water and something to protect the belongings in case of rain.

Other things you might see on this tour:

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Exotic frogs

There is a wide variety of colorful and beautiful frogs.

Tortuguero National Park  Rainforest night tour organized by Mawamba Lodge.

Intense suspense

While you watch something keenly, an animal could be watching you too.

Tortuguero costa rica

Secrets of the forest

You can not imagine the vast amount of creatures you can discover.