Day hiking

Caminata senderos tortuguero costa rica

Day Hiking tour

To complete your experience on the canals, it is best to take a guided walk along the "El Gavilán" trail.

Hours: 11:00 am / 2:30 pm

Duration: 2 hrs approx.

Tour Includes:

  • Local guide, naturalist certificate.
  • Ponchos (if necessary)

What should I bring?

It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes, closed walking shoes, mosquito repellent, sunscreen and camera.

Tour price

Foreigners: $25 p.p


Important note:

The entrance to the national park is valid for the entire day. So if you have done the activity of the channels in the morning it is not necessary to return it to pay another ticket. But if you have not done any activity prior to the walk, you must pay the entrance that has an additional cost of $ 15 per person (for foreigners) and ₡ 1000 for nationals.

Tour description:

We will start in our office, where after a cordial greeting we will go to check in with our receptionist. The guide will give a small information about the tour and then walk to the national park office. We will register, and we will start the hike along the path that bears his name in honor of a common bird of the area "El Gavilán". There are approximately two kilometers of tropical forest, with lots of interesting vegetation to discover. The guide will share with you all his knowledge about the different species found during the tour.

We will take the road back along the beach, which is very particular for its strong waves. Finally, and if you wish, you can stay on the beach enjoying the last rays of the sun or return with the guide to the office where it will be our point to end the activity.

Important aspects to take into account:

We will coordinate the tour schedule according to the activities you do. If the climatic conditions are rainy, it is going to require the use of rubber boots since the path becomes muddy (you can rent for $2). It is important to take something to protect your belongings from the rain since it can rain at any time and in any season of the year.

Other aspects about the tour:


Walking trails

Live and breathe the peace and tranquility that nature offers you!

Snakes of costa rica tortuguero


You can see some of the most poisonous vipers in Costa Rica.

Monos tortuguero costa rica


In addition to monkeys, you can also see sloths, birds, etc.