Hi! My name is Jorge Gamboa, born and raised in the province of Limón (the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica). I grew up surrounded by an exuberant nature; this awoke my interest in learning more about mother nature. So I decided to train with the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute), and thus take the first step to establish my Life Project. I am a Costa Rican, Naturalist Guide.

After many obstacles, sacrifices, and difficulties, I now have the opportunity to show visitors a small part of the natural wonders hidden in this 51,100 km² of biodiversity.

I consider myself a very dynamic and proactive person; that's why I am in charge of the fieldwork. I am a full-time guide, and I love what I do. My costumer's compliments are my motivation to continue doing what I do best —live in harmony with nature.

Like any other business, we also have some setbacks, but there is something in which we as a business agree (RESPECT AND LOVE FOR NATURE). Apart from being just a business, we're an excellent team. We all strive to achieve the highest satisfaction of our customers.

With our profession as a vocation, with a lot of energy and the help of technology, we can now make ourselves known to the world and offer something more than just a tour. We want our customers to live with us real experiences in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica.

Currently, in 2020, we have been working for ten years as guides in Tortuguero National Park, and fourteen years in different areas of Tourism (always related to nature and conservation).

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Jorge Gamboa

Tour guide

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Finally, who is Tuanis Tour?

We are a company created for you; we offer a variety of services so that your stay in Tortuguero will be pleasant and entertaining. Our goal is not only to show you why we are a land of turtles (our most precious jewel), but also to take you to live an authentic experience in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica (our greatest treasure).

Tuanis Tour guarantees a professional and personalized service. Our humane treatment always characterizes us. We are also committed to the environment and the importance of protecting our natural resources for future generations, making tourism a responsible activity with nature.

Our team is made up of Costa Rican bilingual guides, duly trained by the ICT. Most of them are certified in naturalism; this guarantees that the experience lived next to one of them will be enriching and exciting. Of course, they all have "their style" This is one of the reasons our business is called "Tuanis Tour" (an idiom widely used by Costa Ricans). Our slogan "Feel the Rainforest Experience" is due to our experience and contact with nature.

What does Tuanis mean?                                                                         

It's a colloquial word widely used in Central America. In Costa Rica, it is commonly used among family and close friends. It refers to something pleasant, good, pretty or positive in general.

Supposedly it comes from the English term: "Too Nice"

"A tuanis guide"

"How's it going?" All Tuanis? "

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Caminata senderos tortuguero costa rica

Nuestro enfoque


It is being a tour operator that offers national and foreign tourists personalized and professional treatment while visiting the Tortuguero area. Also, to share with our clients our knowledge while enjoying the natural wealth of the region.

Nuestra historia

Our vision

From Costa Rica to the world, we are committed to leaving in the heart of the tourists, the desire to return, and that the experience that they live with us encourages others to contact our services.